7 Products for Hard to Reach House Painting in Las Vegas

Any professional painter will tell you that there are just certain areas of the house that are hard to get to. Contorting yourself into tiny crevices might not be the only answer. Here are 7 Products for Hard to Reach House Painting in Las Vegas.

Edging tool around fixtures

In addition to painting around edges, your edger offers a flat surface of paint to get into narrow crevices. Load up your edger and slip it behind pipes or toilets to get a coat of paint where the brush will not reach. As an added benefit, you won’t need to tape off any trim, since you’re using the edging tool to begin with.

Tight space paint brush

Luckily, manufacturers have heard your plight when house painting in Las Vegas. There are new products on the market for just about any need like the Straight Edge Painting Tool that looks like a flat spatula. This was designed specifically for painting behind toilets, radiators and refrigerators. It’s a slim, flat pad with an equally slim, flat handle made to get into tiny spaces.

Brush Flex

The Brush Flex gives you the flexibility to change the angle of your brush or roller, maximizing the positions you can stand in to paint. The clamp holds the brush solid and can be used in conjunction with an extension pole. Getting behind the refrigerator or a high ceiling has never been so simple.

Corner Edger

Getting even coverage, or any coverage at all can be difficult in corners, and even more complicated with an adjacent window or door. Corner edgers give you the ability to hit the entire corner in one easy swipe. Cover your trim or cabinets with the plastic covers and get as messy as you’d like with the paint. After drying, you can peel your corners off and have a neat and tidy line up to the edge, no tape necessary.

Painter’s tool

When taking on a painting job, always carry a painter’s tool in your back pocket. When house painting in Las Vegas, it’s necessary. It has so many useful functions, mid project, that you’ll always want one around. It can scrape, clean rollers, open cans, spread and more. There’s a reason it’s called a painter’s tool: every painter needs one.

Lock Jaw Tool Holder

Extension poles are sometimes a necessity, but that doesn’t make painting up high easy. The Lock Jaw Tool Holder stands out from other extension tools because it has the ability to hold a roller or a paint brush. Open your options. It attaches to any threaded pole you already have and give you the ability to hold many tools and angle them in increments of 15 degrees. Because it’s not limited to one tool, you can use it to scrape or light up high, getting a better handle on your work.

Adjustable Angle

An angle can make all the difference in painting an area, and not. A paint brush roller that allows you to change the angle in the handle. This can give you the ability to fit into tinier places than you could if it was stationary. This product means you don’t have to contort yourself into unrealistic positions to finish the job.