23 September 2019

Avoid Cheap Local Painters without Overpaying

Homeowners know when painting something like a whole house, the job will be costly. It’s a tempting offer to go with the cheapest estimate you receive. Be wary, it could end up costing you in repairs and corrections in the long run. Here is how to avoid cheap local painters without overpaying. It’s important toRead the full article

12 April 2019

Desert Heat and Exterior Painting

Las Vegas house painting is a specialty in its own. The desert creates a harsh environment for both painters, and paint. While painting your home in the desert should be kept to cooler months, what if it has to be done? Here’s what you need to know to have your home painted during the summerRead the full article

25 March 2019

7 Products for Hard to Reach House Painting in Las Vegas

Any professional painter will tell you that there are just certain areas of the house that are hard to get to. Contorting yourself into tiny crevices might not be the only answer. Here are 7 Products for Hard to Reach House Painting in Las Vegas. Edging tool around fixtures In addition to painting around edges,Read the full article

09 March 2019

Bathroom Painting Tips from the Experts at CertaPro Painters®

Few rooms are more difficult than a bathroom. Immobile appliances and small work space create the recipe for a painting disaster. Do it yourself painters will run into obstacles. With a few bathroom painting tips, you’ll end up with a professional renovation. Here are tips from the experts at CertaPro Painters. Dry it Out WaterRead the full article

14 February 2019

Hot Weather and Painting Projects: Las Vegas Painters Weigh In

Hot weather like in the desert can seem like a blessing when it comes to painting the exterior of your home. Professional Las Vegas painters will tell you otherwise. The heat will help your paint dry quickly, but that’s not always a good thing. Here are the facts when it comes to painting in theRead the full article